105 Anniversary Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime in 2022

The only thing worse than forgetting your anniversary is getting your special someone a lousy gift! Whether you’re looking for a traditional gift, like a clock, or something a bit more offbeat, every item on this list is Anniversary Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

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Handmade Wooden Anniversary Card

Cards are a classic anniversary gift, but they can be so boring! This anniversary card does what every other card does, except it’s made out of wood, so it will last a lifetime! It is handcrafted and includes a red heart motif with the words, “I love you.”

Heart Book Box

Keeping valuables stowed away in a safe place is important. Get a bit creative when it comes to hiding valuables with this heart book box safe! Because the pages have been cut out in the shape of a heart, it makes a great anniversary gift.

Personalized Mens Leather Bracelet

Men love jewelry too, as long as it’s not dripping in jewels and shiny metals. This leather bracelet is perfect for even the manliest of men. The best part is that it can be customized with the latitude and longitude of your choice, turning this bracelet into a keepsake item that will be cherished.

Everlasting Love Engraved Wedding Clock

Giving a clock as an anniversary gift is the modern equivalent to paper, and it’s a great option if you want to do a little more for your sweetie than giving them a greeting card. This beautiful wedding clock can be engraved with a personalized message, names, and a date.

Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives


It’s easy to feel like you and your significant other don’t have anything new to learn about each other. This unique gift will change all that. This little black box contains 88 conversation starters that will make you feel like you’re getting to know each other for the first time all over again.

Personalized Teddy in a Tin

Teddy bears always make a romantic anniversary or Valentine’s gift. This gift option puts a spin on the traditional teddy bear by stuffing a mini bear into a tin that is personalized with the recipient’s name, as well as a personal message.

The Musical Illuminated Ferris Wheel

Many a romantic moment has been had on a Ferris wheel. Commemorate one of those romantic moments by gifting this musical Ferris wheel. It’s a full foot in diameter and plays holiday favorites, as well as other popular tunes like Give My Regards to Broadway and Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

Personalized Vineyard Wine Barrel Sign

Sharing a bottle of wine with a loved one during a special anniversary is always a great way to celebrate the many years you’ve been together. If wine is a staple in your relationship, give this wine barrel sign as an anniversary gift. It also doubles as a serving tray.

Happy Anniversary Personalized Bud Vase

Is your favorite couple about to celebrate an important anniversary? Remind the happy couple how much you love and support them with this unique vase. The plaque can be personalized with a name and anniversary number, but it can also hold a single flower.

His and Hers Yin Yang Necklace Set

It can be difficult to find a piece of jewelry that suits both men and women, but this dual necklace set has managed to please both sexes. Using actual fingerprints, each half of this necklace can be worn as a memento of the love you share, even when you’re far apart.

Wooden Pen with Golden Accents

Wood is the modern gift for the sixth anniversary, but because this is also a pen, it makes a functional gift that’s perfect for any anniversary year you might be celebrating. Because it displays a Corinthian quote, it is an especially thoughtful gift for a religious partner.

Personalized Tree Anniversary Plate

Finding a gift that is both decorative and functional can be a challenge. Throw in the option for personalization and it becomes nearly impossible. This amazing plate has all three! It’s cute enough to hang on a wall, because of its personalized tree trunk, but it can also be used at the dinner table.

Latté Framed Print

Do you and your honey make it a point to share a cup of coffee every morning before you head out the door? If so, your significant other is sure to love this cute latté framed print. It features a cup of coffee with your choice of names written in the froth.

The Transparent Canoe Kayak

Clocks, jewelry, and cards can be so boring if you and your loved one are adventurous. Skip the traditional gifts and build memories that will last a lifetime with this transparent canoe kayak. It is extremely lightweight and comes apart for easy transport and storage.

“So in Love” Personalized Basswood Plank

There’s no more classic a way to declare your love than by carving your initials into the trunk of a tree. If your husband or wife loves the rustic look, gift this personalized basswood plank. The heart shaped knot displays your choice of names or initials.

Anniversary Locket

If you want to make sure that she loves her anniversary gift, then buy her a locket. This locket is highly decorative with a bird and flower motif on the outside, and the inside of the locket can be customized with your names and wedding date.

12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal

With such busy lives, it can be difficult to take the time to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them. This journal makes a great gift because it’s an easy way for you to share your feelings. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Keepsake Paperweight


Paperweights are a popular gift because they are functional and timeless. If you’re looking to wow your loved one with a traditional gift, this paperweight says it all. It’s also a great choice if you don’t like the look of overly personalized and engraved gifts, but you still want it to have a personal touch.

Anniversary Tie Clip

As you and your partner age, you’ll find that there are many milestones to celebrate. Make sure your husband looks sharp for each and every one with this tie clip. It can be personalized with a small portion of your wedding day vows or an image of your choice.

All You Need is Love Folding Study Desk

The Beatles got it right when they said “all you need is love.” Your loved one is sure to remember just how you feel every time they use this folding table. It can be used as a portable study desk, but it also works great as an end table or TV tray.

I Love You Necklace in 120 Languages


Love knows no bounds, and that includes borders. You will never find another piece of jewelry quite like this necklace. Surrounding a tiny heart in the center, the phrase “I love you” is inscribed in a spiral pattern in 120 different languages.

Coin Picture Frame

Looking for a way to wow your favorite married couple? Do it with coins! This unique picture frame contains an image that you provide, but it also contains five different coins that were minted the same year that the happy couple was married.

Photo Book

Scrapbooking is a great way to share years of memories with your friends and family. Unfortunately, scrapbooking can take a lot of time and a lot of money. Assemble an affordable book for your husband, wife, or parents full of pictures of happy times gone by.

Personalized Roman Date Ring

Most anniversary jewelry is designed just for women, especially when it comes to rings. However, a ring can make a meaningful gift for a man too! This silver band makes the perfect anniversary gift because it is hand stamped with your wedding date in Roman numerals.

Willow Tree Promise Figurine

Willow Tree figurines are coveted for their timeless elegance and handcrafted look. Whether you’re searching for a decorative item for your wife for your anniversary, or your parents or grandparents are about to celebrate an important milestone, this promise figurine makes the perfect gift.

Making Memories Personalized Photo Collage Frame

Unique photo displays are always a great way to commemorate a special anniversary! This cool collage frame uses letters to frame each individual picture for a truly customized home decoration. Choose to use your last name, have one made with a first name, or choose another word that holds personal significance.

Forever And Ever Candle

Candles have a way of setting a romantic mood, especially if paired with wine and flowers. Set the table with this unique candle. It prominently displays any picture of your choice, along with the inscription “forever and ever.” When the candle burns out, it can be cleaned and reused again and again.

License Plate Sign

Not every anniversary gift has to be made out of crystal, glass, or diamonds! Go for a more rustic look with this cool license plate sign. Send the maker your wedding date and they will hand cut and assemble a one-of-a-kind license plate sign that will look perfect in your garage, den, or kitchen.

10 Year 2005 Anniversary Pendant

Celebrating your 10-year anniversary in 2015? Commemorate this important anniversary with this pendant. A genuine dime, minted in 2005, is the focal point of this unique necklace that is appropriate for both men and women. Because it contains tin, it really does make the perfect 10-year anniversary gift!

Personalized Wedding and Anniversary Pushpin Map

Traveling the world with your significant other is one of the wonderful things about being married. Encourage the globe-trotting couple in your life to continue their adventures with this pushpin map. It can be customized with two names and a wedding date.

Personalized Copper Wallet Insert Card

Anniversary gifts have a bad rap for being big and expensive, but they don’t have to be! If you’re looking for the perfect seventh wedding anniversary gift, or you’re just looking for something a bit more understated, this copper wallet insert should do the trick. It can be stamped with any message of your choice!

Hottest Hollywood Couple Fake Front Page

Send your favorite couple to Hollywood with this fake magazine cover. There really is no more personal gift available. You must supply names, their hometown, and the date of publication, which is a great way to include their wedding anniversary date.

Long Stem 24k Gold Dipped Rose

Want to get the woman in your life flowers for your anniversary, but don’t like that they won’t last? Get her a 24k gold dipped rose instead and it will last a lifetime! They come in a wide variety of color choices that include red, yellow, pink, and even blue!

Personalized Chopstick Three-Piece Set

Who said silverware has to mean forks and spoons? If you and your honey spend more time at the local sushi restaurant than you do at the steakhouse, give these chopsticks as a gift instead. They are made of durable teak wood and finished with decorative silver ends that can be customized.

Three Nights Wine Box

Looking forward to a great bottle of wine is one of life’s little pleasures. Make sure you both enjoy great bottles of wine in the future with this anniversary box. There are three slots of wine for a quiet night together, when enjoying a party, and at your next anniversary celebration.

Original Newspapers

Nothing takes you back to your wedding quite like remembering all of the things that were happening in the world on that special day. This original newspaper gift is an extremely meaningful gift for every couple, but’s it’s an especially thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents.

Depends on paper

Personalized Husband Print

Show how much your husband really means to you with this personalized print. It proudly displays all of the qualities that you love about your husband, and it’s finished with a personalized message and signature so he can proudly display it on his office wall.


His Beer Mug and Her Wine Glass

Just because you can’t agree on your alcoholic beverage of choice doesn’t mean you can’t both enjoy a matching glassware set! If you tease him because of his love of beer, or you tease her for her adoration of wine, then this is the anniversary gift for you.

Prices Vary

Personalized Clairebella Plates and Bowls

A high-quality set of dishes always makes a great gift for a wedding or anniversary, but you can take it one step further by personalizing each plate and bowl. They can be customized in a number of ways that include choosing the color, motif, name, and font.

25th Anniversary Photo Frame

A silver wedding anniversary is an unbelievable milestone that deserves to be celebrated. If you’re looking for a special way to commemorate this special day, do it with this silver anniversary photo frame. It has a spot for your original wedding photo and a photo from your anniversary celebration. This could also be the 60th birthday gift ideas, it will make the day more meaningful to everyone.

Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree

If your wife has trouble keeping all of her jewelry organized, you’ve probably thought about buying her a jewelry box. Instead, let her display her jewelry with this jewelry tree! The gilded branches and sturdy base will make sure that her bracelets and necklaces don’t get tangled.

Hand Stamped Vintage Silverware

Silverware may not seem like a very exciting modern fifth anniversary gift, but you can definitely shake things up a bit with these hand stamped vintage forks and spoons. They can be used at dinner time, but they look just as beautiful displayed on a kitchen wall.

Personalized Tea Light Candle Holder

Candles are always a great gift, but decorative candles may never get burned because the recipient doesn’t want to ruin them. Gift the best of both worlds with this tea light candle holder. Not only does it hold three replaceable candles, it can also be customized with an anniversary number, names, and a date.

Personalized Vintage Map Coasters

Celebrating a special anniversary often means celebrating where it all started. This gift is fun and functional. The puzzle pieces can be pulled apart and used as coasters, but you can also customize the map image to the city where the two of you met.

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Looking for a fun way to start a conversation with your parents or grandparents about their wedding day? This custom anniversary book is full of New York Times front pages that were released the same year that they were married. It makes a great keepsake item!

40th Anniversary Cross Ornament

Marriages most frequently occur in churches, which is what makes this gift so meaningful. This ornament is a great gift for a couple that is about to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary and is active in their church. It can be displayed on a wall or tucked away and brought out at Christmas.

Prices Vary

Personalized Flute Set

Toast to happy times gone by and happy times still to come with this personalized flute set. It’s a great gift for a couple that is planning a big celebration to commemorate their special wedding date, but it’s also a great way for you and your sweetie to celebrate quietly at home.

Personalized Wood Anniversary Gift

Picture frames are a dime a dozen. If you want to display a favorite wedding photo of your special day, but you want to skip the traditional look of a regular picture frame, choose this wooden gift instead. Because of its rustic look, it makes a great gift for men.

1928 Ireland Threepence Cufflinks

The Irish are proud of their heritage, which is why these cufflinks make such a great gift idea for husbands who have ancestors from Ireland. They are made with rare 1928 threepence pieces, the first round of minted coins in the country.

Every Anniversary Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime is an invaluable gift, take care of them.

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