100 Most Unique Christmas Gifts

Here are the Most Unique Christmas Gifts, and some of the best Christmas Gifts you can give this holiday season. Catch them off guard with gifts that will put a smile on their face, and that they won’t expect.

60 Hour Candle

Give them the gift that keeps on giving, hour after hour. This candle really has no competition, as every other one out there can’t come near it in longevity. A great gift if you want to stay on their mind for about 60 hours or so.

HP Pavilion LED VGA Monitor

Anyone with a desktop knows the importance of having a large and clear monitor for anything they might be doing. This 21.5 inch best selling monitor by HP Pavilion has an LED screen that improves the overall picture quality. They’ll be all set to watch a movie, play a game, or just surf the web in very high definition with this monitor!

1000 Ultimate Experiences

The experiences in this book are priceless, so really you are giving them a gift that you can’t put a price on. The Lonely Planet is renowned for their ability to shed light on some of the best of what’s out there, and they do a great job of what they do great in this book.

Live Video Camera Drone

Here’s a way to spy on your neighbors or anyone else within a certain radius. It beams back a live feed right to your smartphone, and the controller has a spot on it that holds your phone so you can see what it sees while you’re piloting it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars is one of the most famous sci-fi sagas ever so there was a lot of hype leading up the the 7th instalment. Needless to say it was a success that many fans enjoyed. Available in blu-ray and DVD, this will be the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!

Prices Vary

Deep Sea Sand Art

Flip this over and it starts to make a piece of art right before your eyes. Sand drips down onto itself and forms what looks like mountains, lakes, oceans, and other terrain. It’s a mesmerizing gift that is fun to watch, and fun to display once the piece is finished.

Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Stop them from waking up to a loud alarm clock. There’s a better way to wake up, one that’s more natural and taps into our lineage from a time when there were no alarm clocks. Waking up to a simulated sunrise is the only way to go, especially in the winter.

Make Your Own Macarons Kit

If they love delicious macarons you can’t go wrong with this kit that will enable them to make their own from scratch. Everything tastes better when you make it yourself, because psychologically you’ve seen everything that goes into making it, so you appreciate it more.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Almost everyone loves a good book. The only problem is carrying them around and storing them somewhere without having them looking like a total mess. In comes the Kindle E-Reader that offers a selection of over a million downloadable books and allows you to store thousands on this high resolution 6 inch tablet. You’ll never need another book shelf with this reader!

Aromatherapy Diffuser

This diffuser allows you to enjoy your choice of different aromatherapy scents. It sends the mist into the air in just the right amount so that you’re not overwhelmed by it, and it’s not too faint. Aromatherapy has been shown to help with a number of conditions, and helps you feel more at ease.

Prices Vary

Staple-less Staplers

When you want to stick to pieces of paper without worrying if you have enough staples to get the job done, these are the staplers for you. They punch a small hole into the papers and use the tabs to stick the sheets together. No staples needed!

Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker

There are pressure cookers and there are slow cookers, and then then there’s this thing! It has both in one unit, so you’re taking up about half the space as you would if you had both. It can slow cook your meal, or really speed things up by pressure cooking it.

Clinique 7 Piece Makeup Set


Sometimes the best gifts are something that’s used everyday. This makeup gift set includes 7 products from Clinique that come in a Lulu DK Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag. It makes the perfect gift for any girl who likes to use lots of makeup!

Yours Mine and Ours Decanter Set

Here’s a fun decanter set that really spells things out. It has the words Your and Mine on the two glasses, and the word Ours on the larger bottle. It’s a fun and true statement and it makes a great gift for someone that you’d like to enjoy fine spirits wit

3-Speed Stereo Turntable

When you want to go retro and use vinyl records you’ll need something to play them on. That’s where this 3-speed stereo turntable comes in handy. It also features MP3 recording so you can convert some of those old records into digital versions to enjoy going forward.

Prices Vary

Nerf 2-in-1 Demolisher

Who doesn’t love good ol’ Nerf fun? You don’t want to show up to a Nerf fight unarmed, and when you bring in the Demolisher you will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents, even though it is safe foam that’s being used.

Prices Vary

Entertainment Platter

This entertainment platter lets you serve food right from the oven to the table. It has a soapstone slab on it so you can put hot things on it without doing any harm, and it will help the food stay hot so that your guests can enjoy the food as it was meant to be.

Mobile Workstation

Here’s the perfect gift for the do-it-yourselfer that likes to take their tools with them wherever they may be needed. It unfolds right on the spot, giving them a place to work and keeping everything organized and portable at the same time.

Prices Vary

Toothpaste Tube Wringer

Depending on their personality this can either be a gag gift for the person that likes to throw their money around, or an apt gift for the penny pincher. It lets them get the last itty bit of toothpaste from the tube without causing any strife.

Top Stage 2-Pack Guitar Hanger

Do you know someone who has lots of guitars? As great of an instrument as they are, they can take up a bit of space and you always have to be careful to not knock them over. This guitar hanger comes in a pack of 2 which makes storage much easier for any guitar player!

3D Printing Pen

Give your artwork and craft projects a totally new dimension when you add that third dimension to the mix. This pen emits a sort of gel that hardens on the spot so you can draw vertically and have your drawing stand straight up while you’re still working on it.

Amazon eGift Cards

Unsure which gift to get someone this year? Amazon has an eGift Card option that allows you to fully customize, including adding your own pictures or selecting animations, and pick the exact amount that you’d like to give. They also never expire and carry no fees making them ideal for anyone!

642 Things To Write About

If you know someone that has said they wish they’d write more but they don’t know what to write about, here the fix for that. It is full of hundreds of potential writing topics, and if they manage to write about each thing, they’ll have quite a tome to pass on to their kids.

Oil-Free Air Fryer

Enjoy the taste of fried food without the use of oil. You can tell we’re in the 21st century, not because of the flying cars or jet packs, but because they’ve come up with a way to fry food without using oil. Less fat and great taste makes this fryer a great gift for someone you care about.

BBQ Briefcase

This briefcase is great for that person that has dubbed themselves Master of the Grill. They’ll be able to come in like a virtual special agent, open their briefcase, get to work, and leave the scene without a trace when their job is done.

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

A wallet that is used everyday takes quite a beating and wears out pretty quickly. This wallet by Tommy Hilfiger combines quality and durability with affordability. It’s made from 100% cowhide leather in various colors and includes 1 bill compartment and 6 card slots. Perfect for any guy who needs a new wallet or wants one that is stylish and good quality!

It was a meaningful 10 year anniversary gift for him if the girls wanted to surprise them on this special occasion.

Active Sitting Office Chair

This chair keeps you moving even when you’re sitting. It’s designed to be unstable, which gets you to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself. It’s a way to take down time and turn it into motion time, and will help you feel great all day long while working.

Growing Wishes Seed Kit

This seed kit allows them to plant seeds that represent different wishes, and then watch them grow. It’s great for all ages, and has wishes for friendship, strength, love, clarity, happiness, and joy. They can watch their wishes come true as they burst forth from the soil.

Electric Pepper Grinder

This pepper grinder will give your next meal that extra special feeling of classiness, without any strain on your wrist. Freshly ground pepper just tastes better, which is while you’ll often see manual versions used at restaurants by the waitstaff. Do it yourself at home the easy way.

iPad Foosball

A regulation foosball table takes up a lot of room, but not this one. You pop your iPad into it and it provides the rest of what’s required to play a virtual foosball game. It is pretty realistic and allows you to go head to head with an opponent wherever you are.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

Virtual reality is a new up-and-coming industry that is starting to catch on and become more and more popular. It gives you the ability to visualize virtually anything and enter a world that you never imagined. Samsung is a leader in VR and other forms of technology which is why this headset is such high quality!

2014 World Cup Official Soccer Ball

Mark the end of an epic year, one that featured the FIFA World Cup and a stunning win by Germany. This is an official match soccer ball that features the unique design that was made especially for this World Cup. A no-brainer gift for any soccer fan.

Prices Vary

Mead Making Kit

Make the mead and the mead will make merry, so this is a way to empower them to make merry. What better gift than the gift that keeps on giving, both in the fun of making it and the better part of drinking it. They’ll think of you during both processes for sure.

LED Mood Light

Set the mood of the night with this incredible LED mood light! It features 15 colors of dimmable ambient lighting that is controlled by a remote. It’s perfect for parties, hangouts, or just for relaxing. No matter what the tempo of the night may be, the Mood Light will be able to match it!

Prices Vary

Storymatic Game

For anyone that loves to tell a good story, this game will provide all of the necessary plot points to spin a good one. You pick two cards from one set, and one card from another set and then you’ll be ready to use your creative juices to make it all make sense, or nonsense!

George Foreman Quesadilla Maker

The George Foreman grill had a super run, and now this quesadilla maker is gearing up for a similar trend. It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves Mexican food, as it makes quesadilla making so easy, and they come out just right each time you use it.

Personalized Mixtape Pillow

This pillow resembles a mixtape like the ones back in the 80’s and early 90’s before CDs started taking over. The great part about it is that it’s personalized with whatever you want it to say, and even better it has an A Side and B Side for double customization.

WODFitters Ab Trainer Mat

One of the most common New Years resolutions that almost everyone has is to get in better shape. Help them do so with this Ab Trainer Mat from WODFitters! It helps arch your back to help you work out properly and to target muscles throughout your entire core. Your cores will never have a better workout!

Prices Vary

Kiva Card

When you give a Kiva Card you are helping an impoverished entrepreneur make a new start for themselves in a third world country. The best part is they pay you back and you’re able to gift the money again to another entrepreneur in need.


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